Chainsaw Champion 1 42-16 – ranking model budget assortment

Successful replenishment of a set of household tools in private or summer cottage can become inexpensive, reliable and sufficient Durable Champion 142-16 chainsaw. Household tool categories for individual parameters are identical to analogues semi-professional level.

Its design combines the advantages of a classic layouts with modern innovations, production and perfect assembly and installation technologies. When creating this models involved many years of experience operating previous developments.

Champion 142-16 chainsaw - rating model of the budget assortmentPhoto: Champion 142-16 chainsaw


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Operational capabilities

The result of the work performed was saw Champion 142, performance, profitability, reliability and others characteristics that meet the requirements of modern standards.

The tool differs from the same type of models:

  • strict case design;
  • tight layout of internal equipment;
  • excellent traction parameters of the power unit;
  • convenient placement of controls.

Despite the budget cost, the household tool class can be used in a wide range of cutting operations, including:

  • fuel wood harvesting;
  • construction of wooden log cabins;
  • the formation of crowns of garden and decorative trees;
  • creation of an original architectural and landscape decor.

The instructions included with the kit provide information on features of preparing the tool for the first launch, features care and follow up.

Spare parts and consumables are presented with a wide selection that allows owners to perform simple repairs on their own and keep the tool in good condition with minimal material costs.


Equipped with a full vibration damper tool weighing 4.5 kg perfectly balanced, so even with prolonged use hands do not get tired.

  • A carburetor is used as a power drive. two-stroke ICE of air cooling, with a displacement of 41.5 and output power 2.4 hp
  • The engine runs on a gasoline-fuel mixture, which enters the carburetor from an integrated reservoir of 310 ml
  • The manual starter does not require large physical effort.

When creating the power unit, a number of improvements were made, aimed at improving the reliability of the crank assembly and piston group, traction stability, extension a common resource of component systems and assemblies.

Model Champion 142-16
Manufacturer Champion
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saw application Household
Horsepower (kW) 2.4 (1.8)
Engine displacement, cm3 41.5
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 56
Fuel tank volume, l 0.31
Oil tank volume, l 0.21
Tire length cm (inches) 40 (16)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 4,5
Instruction manual Download

Carb adjustment

Factory setting of the fuel system brings the engine to Optimum power and fuel consumption. Necessity in regulation arises with a significant change in these characteristics.

There are adjusting screws on the carburetor body by which engine operation is adjusted in the right direction.


Powerful drive allows you to take advantage high-performance 16-inch tire suitable for cutting wood with a diameter up to 350 mm. The tire works complete with a cutting chain, with standard 3/8 inch pitch and tensioner worm type.

To prevent overheating and accelerated chain wear, saw design introduced lubrication system with oil intake from 210 ml integrated tank.

Advantages and disadvantages

In its price category chainsaw Champion model 142-16 compares favorably with similar designs of others manufacturers:

  • significant stock of power and torque ICE;
  • increased level of comfort and safety of cutting operations of varying difficulty;
  • simple and low-cost maintenance;
  • maintainability;
  • the ability to eliminate operational failures and malfunctions in the home.

Of the shortcomings, users noted the low quality of the material timing gear and tensioning device.


The average cost of a new tool in different regions varies at the level of 5000-6000 rubles. Price range used equipment is determined by its condition and operating time.


Saw Champion 142-16 is not the only model with elevated power parameters. Presented in the domestic market lineup of other well-known manufacturers. It is popular chainsaws of the household group SOYUZ PTS-99452T, MAXCUT MC 146, Sturm GC99372B. We also advise you to see the chainsaws in the ranking the best models.

Owner reviews

Despite the Chinese assembly, the Champ saw with a 16-inch the tire does not give reasons for replacement, since it serves faithfully already the 7th year. The weak point of the tool is the chain tensioner, which have to periodically change. In all other respects, there are no complaints decent car in every way. Valery

A chainsaw was presented to his father at work upon retirement. Not expensive gift, but expensive attention, however, to my surprise Champion 142-16 went through a period of acquiring work skills, building a bath and fuel storage for the winter without significant failures and malfunctions. Sergei

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