Chainsaw Carver RSG 262 – productive budget cost model

Branded chainsaw Carver RSG 262 – one of the few developments combining in their design working properties semi-professional tool with almost budget cost.

The saw can be used to cut any wood. increased diameter, which determines its use in the roll trees, the preparation of wood fuel, the formation of crowns garden and decorative trees.

Carver RSG 262 chainsaw - a productive model at a budget costPhoto: Carver RSG 262 chainsaw model capabilities are expanded due to increased power the unit, the effective operation of a multi-point vibration damper, modern design layout of units and assemblies.


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Technical features

Saw Carver 262 equipped with an easy start system QuickStart As part of the power drive also work patented AfterCharge and Clean2 systems.

In relation to the same internal combustion engine, the engine differs in 20% fuel economy, 5% increase in capacity and increased by 17% stock of torque. Comfortable operation contributes to low level of vibration and noise of the exhaust, contributing to reliable gripper ergonomic shape of the handles.

Carver RSG-262

In the pros:

  • long life made of forged steel crank mechanism;
  • wear-resistant porous-chrome coating of the cylinder mirror;
  • high impact plastic housing;
  • failure-free emergency brake.

Rating and information support

Excellent technical and performance characteristics of this model confirm the many positive reviews of the owners and service technicians.

Substantial assistance in preparing the saw for work in progress maintenance, troubleshooting renders detailed to the factory kit instruction.


The Carver RSG 262 chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke ICE with a system air cooling. Power unit with a volume of 62 cm3, on workers rpm develops power up to 3.2 hp Saw refuel gasoline-oil fuel mixture entering the carburetor from internal tank.

The advantages of the engine:

  • compact sizes;
  • simple service and daily maintenance;
  • convenient access to the air intake filter;
  • semi-automatic carburetor shutter control;
  • electronic ignition;
  • booster pump that eliminates the problems of cold start when low air temperatures.
Model Carver RSG 262
Manufacturer Carver
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland Russia
Saw class Semi-professional
Horsepower (kW) 3.2 (2.3)
Engine displacement, cm3 62
Chain pitch, inches 0.325
Chain thickness mm 1,5
Number of links, pcs 76
Fuel tank volume, l 0.55
Oil tank volume, l 0.26
Tire length cm (inches) 50 (20)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 7.5
Instruction manual Download

Working body

The removable headset consists of a 20-inch REZER guide rail 505 L 8 G, chain and tensioner. 76 link chain REZER BP-8-1.5-76, with a standard pitch of 0.325 inches, lubricated in automatic mode. Working pressure of oil coming from separate tank, creates a multi-mode oil pump with adjustable performance.

The saw is equipped with an emergency stop brake the possibility of injury in the event of non-standard and emergency situations.

Carver RSG-262

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the semi-professional status, the saw does not require operator of special qualifications. Basic skills and techniques accumulated directly in the working environment.

  • The tool remains operational when operating in wide temperature range. Simplified access to air cleaner and adjustment points, positively affects on saving working time.
  • Low-cost fuel and lubricant power unit is characterized stable working and idling speed, large stock torque allows you to effectively compensate short-term workloads.
  • The design of the saw used high-quality and durable materials and anticorrosive powder coatings, allowing the instrument retains its original decor and appearance throughout all service life.

Documented flaws in the design of the chainsaw practically absent. According to service experts – most complaints and complaints about the quality of the tool, the consequence violations of operating rules, lack of full technical service.


The average cost of a chainsaw with zero running hours stabilized at the level of 6000 rubles.


The imported chainsaw assortment offers identical power tools – European and Asian brands. Occurs stable demand for SD-MASTER 4518, Forward FGS-4504 and PROFI models MS 365 18 ″.

Owner reviews

The choice was small: either not lifting at the price of Calm, or almost equal in power budget Carver. Brought home refueled, launched. The machine pleased with the instant start, soft running and a little vibration. Relatively heavy weight offset by a good balance. Alexander Igorevich

Saw Carver liked in every way. Chain so yourself, when sawing dense and viscous wood for firewood, it requires sharpening after every 2.5-3 cubes. Of the flaws, even on relatively small working revolutions overspending of oil. Lenya

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