Casa Boher: a house over a canal in the suburbs Santiago


  • On the hillsides
  • Transparent borders
  • Uniting with nature

Casa Boher is built on the slope of Lo Curro (therefore sometimes it is also called Casa Lo Curro), from where the beautiful view of the capital of Chile – Santiago and the spurs of the And. a glazed corridor connecting the two parts of the house. This bridge corridor has a double meaning – on the one hand, it combines the house into a single living space, on the other – helps tenants to become part of the surrounding nature. Sufficiently conditional and the outer walls are large sliding glass doors that cleaned completely, creating a common space “living room-veranda”. Free, open layout is also characteristic of internal premises. Large black screens – harmonica, used to zone space and provide privacy for the bedroom, for a day fit in special niches in walls, becoming completely invisible to the uninitiated.

View-Down-Glass-Walled-Corridor-of-Casa-Lo-CurroDesigning Casa Boher, architects stepped back from the rigid canons of traditional styles, combining familiar methods with modern structural elements combining natural materials (natural stone, wood) with glass and concrete. In central the corridor that connects all the rooms, frameless windows are installed – from floor to ceiling to make the most of the extraordinary landscape surrounding house. At the same time, the S3 Schmidt Arquitectos tried their best integrate the house into the environment, not limited to large windows. For example, the decoration of the pool carried out with natural stone, and his project and the “zero”, coinciding with side, the level of water, sometimes spilling over the edge, imitates the channel located nearby (and partially below) the house in the form waterfall in several tiers.

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