Bosch circular (circular) saws: an overview lineup

Compact, comfortable and productive Bosch circular saw excellently established in a wide range, on sawing works, construction sites, in production furniture products and household goods.

Bosch circular saw

A characteristic feature of the corporate saw assortment:

  • reference quality of raw materials used and high precision assembly;
  • technical perfection of equipment;
  • operator comfort and safety sawing in hard-to-reach places of construction constructions.


  • 1 Performance
  • 2 Key Features of Bosch Circular Saws
    • 2.1 Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI
    • 2.2 Bosch PKS 16 Multi
    • 2.3 Bosch PKS 40
    • 2.4 Bosch PKS 55 GCE
    • 2.5 Bosch GKS 65
    • 2.6 Bosch GKS 85
    • 2.7 Bosch GKS 165
    • 2.8 Bosch GKS 190
    • 2.9 Bosch GKS 600
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 Owner Reviews

Operational properties

The corporate lineup allows you to choose a tool for power, cut depth and performance requirements and features of the upcoming operation.

In the list of working advantages of the saw assortment Bosch brands should be noted:

  • increased strength of a modular design;
  • ergonomic layout and excellent balance;
  • the presence of a kickback compensator;
  • combination of light weight with stable traction characteristics of powerful electric motors.

A separate category of Boshev saw products is battery models. Bosch hand-held circular saw with drive, independent of mains power supplies battery life for 20 to 40 minutes or more.

Key Features of Bosch Circular Saws

In the Russian market of sawing equipment, Bosch products represented by models ranking in consumer ratings demand leading places.

Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI

Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI

Bosch cordless circular saw differs from the same type models with compact overall dimensions and light weight, in within 1.4 kg. Professional grade tool, starting at 11,800 rubles, is in demand in a wide range of carpentry, furniture and parquet installation works.

Circular saw blade with a diameter of 85 mm allows realize transverse, longitudinal and diagonal cutting 26.5 mm thick materials.

The model of the GKS 10.8 V-LI series is equipped with:

  • electronic protection systems for electric and battery batteries from excessive operational overloads;
  • bright illumination of the work area;
  • informative scale of depth of cut;
  • convenient for transportation and storage of coffers.

Bosch PKS 16 Multi

Bosch PKS 16 Multi

With interchangeable equipment, a Bosch circular saw PKS 16 Multi series can work on wood, plastic and aluminum building and finishing materials.

Despite the household status, the model with a capacity of 400 watts and costing from 7300 rubles, in performance and comfort identical to the best examples of European and Asian brands. Disk a saw blade with a diameter of 65 mm realizes the depth of the corner cut in limits up to 16 mm.

The 1.9 kg instrument comes with three saw blades, the kit includes a convenient plastic case.

The list of working advantages:

  • high-speed drive of the cutting blade;
  • function of simplified adjustment of the depth of cut;
  • efficient cooling system;
  • the ability to connect a dust intake device;
  • the presence of a lock start button.

Bosch PKS 40

Bosch PKS 40

A budget saw of a budget class weighing only 2.4 kg, combines its characteristics wide working functionality with reliability, moderate cost, minimum volume of current and service service.

Design features of this model:

  • branded guide rail guaranteeing precision cutting for 600 Watt higher traction electric drive;
  • carbide saw blade tooling blade Speedline, diameter 130 mm, corner depth 90-degree cut – 40 mm;
  • simplified scheme for adjusting angle cuts to 45 ° inclusive;
  • the presence of a side stop with a graduated limb, convenient for production of parallel cut without prior markup.

To increase the convenience of the operator, saw from 5000 rubles, equipped with a convenient protective cover and an additional handle.

Bosch PKS 55 GCE

Bosch PKS 55 GCE

Professional grade tool with nameplate power 1200 watt high-speed engine and wear-resistant saw 160 mm blade, meets current requirements production, technological and regulatory documentation.

In the development of saws worth from 7400 rubles used the latest achievements in the field of ergonomics and industrial design, modified in terms of the efficiency of the saw removal device CleanSystem waste and precision control systems for complex cuts CutControl.

The advantages of this model:

  • minimum noise level for its power group pressure no more than 92 dB;
  • quick adjustment of parameters by keyless clamp;
  • start key and spindle lock for safe replacement saw disk nozzle.

The design of the saw used light alloys, which allowed stabilize her weight at 3.9 kg.

Bosch GKS 65

Bosch GKS 65

Certificate of Conformity Professional Saw Series GKS 65 focuses on a wide range of straightforward, transverse and diagonal, at angles of 45/90 ° sawing high accuracy.

Thanks to the traction characteristics of a powerful 1800 watt engine and the presence of constant electronics, performance tool stabilized over the entire range of operational loads.

One of the best carbide saw blades in its category, provides clean cuts in wood, plastic and aluminum depth up to 65 mm.

Tool weighing 5.2 kg and costing from 10,600 rubles equipped with systems:

  • soft start and braking;
  • stepless adjustment and stability of workers revolutions;
  • cleaning the desktop from saw waste.

User reviews give a high rating of reliability and operating efficiency of control electronics, mounting accuracy guides for longitudinal sawing blanks.

Bosch GKS 85

Bosch GKS 85

Wishes and recommendations of professional builders implemented in the new Bosch GKS 85 series hand saw, priced at 14,800 rubles. Operational capabilities of the model are expanded due to increase in electric drive power up to 2200 watts.

The new tool weighing 7.5 kg received a durable and reliable in safety plan aluminum protective cover and characteristic for saws Bosch professional grade carbide saw blade diameter 235 mm.

This equipment allowed to increase the depth of cut under right angle up to 85 mm. The operator is given the opportunity to work with branded guide rail.

Bosch GKS 165

Bosch GKS 165

A new model of a hand-held circular saw weighing 3.6 kg and cost 7900 rubles is characterized by compact overall dimensions in combined with excellent traction parameters 1100 watt collector drive.

Tool can be used for multidisciplinary sawing blanks up to 66 mm thick.

Design features of the saw:

  • two-stage gearbox;
  • convenient adjustment of the angle of inclination;
  • ability to work continuously without interruptions cooling;
  • the presence of a guide line for oblique cuts.

Bosch GKS 190

Bosch GKS 190

The work of professionals with the new Bosch GKS 190 saw model creates prerequisites for reaching a new level of skill. Tool with utilizes the traction properties of the powerful 2400 with high efficiency watt electric motor.

  • The saw of this series is characterized by increased ease of use operator. The use of light alloys based on aluminum allowed combine high structural strength with a minimum weight of 4.2 kg
  • The tool costing from 7200 rubles is completed with disk saw blade with a diameter of 190 mm, guaranteeing in wood, plastic and aluminum profile, rectangular cut depth up to 70 mm

Bosch GKS 600

Bosch GKS 600

Completes the presented review of Boshevsky saw products identical to the previous model in power and performance GKS 600 circular saw. When developing the project, a number of measures were implemented to increase reliability and extend the life of components and systems.

A 160 mm diameter carbide saw blade is driven in action electric drive with a power of 2200 watts. Tool professional grade provides high performance sawing operations in wood processing, panel facing and metal profiles.

The last fixed price of this model is 5800 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

Model range of circular saws of the Bosch trademark with may justifiably qualify for reference status.

Quality materials and assembly excellence, operational reliability and stable performance is confirmed years of use after the sale of models 2000 year.

Since that time, significant technical and operational shortcomings in The model range of Bosch circular saws is not revealed.

Owner reviews

Until recently, riding technical perfection considered the Makita circular saw that has developed most of the resource, which six months ago they stole it directly from the workshop. At home testing the new Bosch PKS 16 Multi tool from the first day pleased speed and accuracy of sawing facade panels with metal coated. Makita was later found and returned, but for accurate work I use only Boshevsky technology. Vasily Fedorovich

Bosch GKS 165 circular saw 2 years of operation already. I had to cut the most different materials, including even gray cast iron. The car is great the only drawback is the lack of a normal adapter under the hose of a vacuum cleaner Samsung. I recommend from the heart, a tool worthy in every way. Dmitriy

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