Boilers for heating a private house: prices, fuel maintenance

A heating boiler will create an autonomous heating system for your home

The heating boiler will create an autonomous heating system for your house

It is no exaggeration to say that boilers for heating private home (prices, economy, energy efficiency and features of the choice will be discussed below) a kind of heart – by heating the water, they then disperse it in pipelines to the farthest corners of the house. Right selection the boiler is not only an opportunity to avoid unnecessary costs, but also make the operation of the heating system as a whole economical, safe and as comfortable as possible.


  • Choosing a boiler for the house: basic parameters
  • Gas boilers
  • Solid fuel boilers
  • Diesel boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Combined boilers

Choosing a boiler for the house: basic parameters

There are two main factors that determine the choice of boiler. heating for heating a private house:

  • power is the simplest formula allowing you to accurately determine the power that necessary for the heating boiler (provided that the ceiling height is not exceeds 3 m) for normal room heating – this is 1 kW per 10 m2 of heated area. Moreover, if we talk about the southern areas, then you can use a reduction factor of 0.8-0.9, and for the North, on the contrary, it will require more power – climatic coefficient 1.2-1.5. If you install a dual circuit boiler (hot water boiler for hot water supply water), then the power should be increased by 15-20%.

Mounted condensing boiler

Mounted condensing boiler

Heating boiler in the interior of the hallway

Heating boiler in the hallway interior

  • The resulting value is the minimum, therefore, to protect yourself from force majeure, you should add another 20-25%. Already Based on the required power, you can determine which boilers heating suitable, and which – no. For example, electric (all types – induction, electrode, heating elements) are effective for relatively small (up to 150 m2) house sizes, they more suitable for organizing autonomous heating of an apartment in while diesel engines are better for homes with large area
  • fuel – more precisely, its prices, but the main thing is accessibility. For example, for the steppe zone, even at the lack of gas wood boilers will not be a worthy alternative due to the cost of firewood.

Wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler for heating a country house and preparing hot water with good pressure in the bathtub

Wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler for suburban heating home and hot water with good pressure

Gas boiler heating type

Gas boiler heating mounted type

Of the other facts that need to be considered, it is a necessity. construction of a separate building (boiler room, required for powerful boilers, especially gas and diesel), non-volatility (the ability to function without electricity), automation heating (programming modes, integration into the smart system house “) and an important parameter is the safety of operation.

Electronic control system for autonomous heating

Electronic heating control system

Gas boilers

In the presence of a near gas line, in most cases (about 85%) private homeowners choose gas boilers for heating. First of all, they are enough economical, attract simple process and high degree automation – modern models with the beginning of the cold season can require the owner to only start the boiler, and later built-in automation will regulate the heating process (considering external and internal temperature, the presence of the owners of the house, observing day and night mode, etc.).

Gas wall boiler

Gas wall boiler

So that the boiler does not catch the eye, it can be placed in the closet

So that the boiler does not catch the eye, it can be placed in closet

In addition, gas boilers attract a wide range when it is possible to make the best choice, as in power, and for a number of other parameters (double-circuit boiler, non-volatile, type of firebox, etc.). From other advantages note:

very high, when compared with other types of boilers, efficiency – at individual models, it can reach 95-97%

  • simplicity of operation – there is no need for procurement (delivery) fuel, and also add it in the combustion process (as with solid fuel boilers), and after that – clean the ash
  • simplicity of hot water supply
  • environmental friendliness – gas burns out almost completely, emitting minimum soot and soot
  • Gas double-circuit boiler located in the kitchen

    Gas double-circuit boiler located in the kitchen

    Bulky boiler and boiler is better to take out to non-residential premises

    Bulky boiler and boiler are best taken to non-residential premises

    Of the shortcomings, complexity and high cost should be noted. obtaining permission and design of the project, as well as the need gas pipeline installations. For the installation of powerful boilers (for reasons of security) may need not just a separate room, but a separate boiler room, as well as compliance with many rules and restrictions. It is also worth noting the need annually, before the beginning of the season, passing control by the relevant authorities. If we compare the prices of gas equipment with other types boilers (with approximate equality of parameters), then they will take some kind of intermediate place.

    The installation of gas boilers must be entrusted to specialists

    The installation of gas boilers must be entrusted to specialists

    Advice! When buying foreign boilers production, it should be noted that their capacity is indicated for appropriate gas pressure. In our highways, pressure is usually low, so you should choose a little more powerful models, optimally – if their automation is adapted to vibrations pressure.

    According to consumer reviews, the best models are BAXI and Protherm (from inexpensive), as well as Viessman, Buderus, Valliant.

    Solid fuel boilers

    Solid fuel boiler

    Solid fuel boiler

    The segment of the heating equipment market, which recently time is showing steady growth. Modern solid fuel boilers do not resemble wood stoves at all, today it’s excellent reviews of highly efficient heating equipment from heat engineers. Resumption of massive demand for solid fuels boilers are caused by several factors:

    • long-burning wood boilers, pyrolysis and pellet significantly simplified operation – one load of firewood is enough from 12 to 24 hours, and pellet boilers can have special bins, the volume of which may (with automatic feeding) not be enough for one day of burning. In this case, after combustion remains a minimum of ash, which can later be used in the garden (plot) as fertilizer

    Universal boiler with automatic fuel supply

    Universal boiler with automatic fuel supply

    • the introduction of innovative technologies has significantly increased Efficiency of solid fuel boilers
    • low, compared with gas, the level of fire and explosiveness, even if we consider home-made options
    • the possibility of using different types of fuel – firewood, coal, briquettes from peat, straw, sunflower, pellets, sawdust

    The principle of operation of a low-temperature boiler with automatic pellet feeding

    The principle of operation of a low-temperature boiler with automatic pellet feed

    • non-volatility – installation of a solid fuel boiler makes its owner independent of the services of gas companies
    • stable heating at very low temperatures when the pressure in the gas lines drops significantly and the gas boilers are very unstable. And the cessation of heating threatens not only discomfort, but also defrosting the entire circulation system coolant – and this is a very significant financial loss.

    Solid fuel boiler fits perfectly into the interior of the living room

    Solid fuel boiler fits perfectly into the interior of the living room

    Among the available models, consumer reviews mark Protherm, Evan, Dakon, ZOTA MIX, and among the expensive ones – Buderus.

    It is worth noting that homemade boilers (photos and instructions manufacturers are widely represented on the network) in terms of efficiency they cannot compete with factory designs.

    Diesel boilers

    Liquid fuel boilers are gradually losing their demand, primarily because of the price of fuel (kerosene, diesel fuel). Their economic efficiency, even despite the high Efficiency, the lowest among other options. In addition, diesel boilers (the equipment itself) is very expensive, today the market presents only imported models – Ferroli, Vaillant, Viessmann, Dakon, De Dietrich, Protherm, Roca. Installation cost the expense of the need to purchase a tank (capacity) for fuel, as well as filter systems. And one more important point – all diesel boilers are volatile, for supply air they include special blowers. Because of his bulkiness they are available only in the floor version and for them need a separate room.

    Diesel boiler

    Diesel boiler

    Advice! Diesel boilers are enough universal, many of them have the ability to switch (adjustment) to other types of fuel, the most popular option “diesel gas”. This option can be used as temporary, while gas will not be supplied, and in the future as a backup, if there will be problems with the gas supply.

    Oil boilers are usually used in environments where there is no main gas pipeline.

    Oil boilers are commonly used in environments where there is no main gas pipeline

    Electric boilers

    Electric boilers (induction, electrode, heating) often act as a reserve or additional heat source paired with gas or solid fuel boiler. And this despite the fact that according to his operational characteristics he significantly superior to:

    • ease of installation – no need for permission just bring the electricity. Electric boilers of all types, whether induction or electrode, are very compact, therefore they can be mounted on the wall, for them there is no need for separate room or chimney

    Electric boilers are one of the most common

    Electric boilers are one of the most common

    Stylish electric boiler in the interior of the kitchen

    Stylish electric boiler in the interior of the kitchen

    • safety – electrode or induction boilers carry out heating water by converting electrical energy into thermal, they do not burn air, do not emit carbon dioxide, no fire hazard – open flame, gas or diesel leakage, and etc. The main thing is to choose the correct power cable
    • high degree of automation and boiler control

    Electric boiler with electronic control system

    Electric boiler with electronic control system

    Electric heating boilers are safe and very efficient.

    Electric heating boilers are safe and very efficient.

    But the main problem is the issue of electricity prices, according to costs even economical induction (electrode slightly worse) boilers are at the level of diesel units. If you compare prices, then induction boilers are much more expensive than similar ones electrode powers, but they are less energy consuming.

    According to ratings of the best manufacturers Protherm, SAV (induction), Zota, Vaillant (heating elements), Wespe Heizung, Dakon (heating elements and electrode).

    Combined boilers

    Combined boilers are an attempt by engineers to combine advantages that different types of heating devices have (gas, wood, diesel, induction, electrode), while seeking to minimize their flaws and emergency risks. Advantages of their installation:

    • combined boilers make it possible to use more cheap fuel (firewood, pellets) instead of gas. As an option – the use of firewood in the offseason when to create comfortable it’s enough to warm up a couple of hours, and switch to gas with the onset of constant frost

    Combined gas and wood-fired boiler

    Combined gas and wood fired boiler

    • the possibility of reserving heating types during shutdown (critical pressure reduction), for example, gas, switch to firewood (coal, diesel)
    • combined boilers have the ability to automatically switching (if provided by the design) from one type fuel to another

    Combined boilers are also often installed in cases when gas supply is planned in the near future.

    Floor-standing combined boiler with a boiler inside for heating a country house and preparing hot water with good pressure

    Floor combined boiler with boiler inside for heating country house and hot water with good pressure

    However, universal boilers have significant limitations:

    • design complexity – boiler versatility is achieved in due to the complexity of its design, they require professional setup and periodic service (quite expensive) service. In this case, home-made “upgrades” can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to compiling using gas burner
    • single-fuel combined boilers “gas-wood” require continuous cleaning of the gas burner on which waste accumulates burning wood.
    • the high cost of both the equipment itself and its installation. The combination boiler is always installed in a separate indoors

    Combined boiler

    Combined boiler

    Viessmann Vitoladens 300 with front-mounted water heater Vitocell

    Viessmann Vitoladens 300 with fake water heater Vitocell

    • large mass and dimensions of boilers – combined boilers made exclusively in the outdoor version, because of its large mass will require foundation pouring
    • volatility – combined boilers can be operated only when there is electricity to operate automatic ventilation system (especially critical during operation gas burner)

    User reviews in the budget segment mark models from Protherm, in the upper price category – Viessman, Buderus ACV.

    How to choose a heating boiler for installation in a private house – see the video for more details:

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