Art parquet (40 photos): production, types, rules of care

Art parquet perfectly complements the classic style

Art parquet perfectly complements the classic style

Parquet floors will never lose their popularity, this is the most a noble and refined option for flooring. Parquet stays as beloved as many centuries ago. It is stylish durable and beautiful coating, suitable for any interior. That parquet will help create an atmosphere in the most ordinary apartment the royal palace.


  • Production of art flooring
  • Drawing Technologies
  • Elements of art parquet
  • Care Rules

Artistic is called parquet, which has a complex pattern, lined with planks of different wood species. Such a coating itself in itself is the main decoration of the interior, it does not require carpets, because hiding such beauty is a real crime! More a budget option is a laminate for art parquet.

Aged art parquet

Aged Art Parquet

Artistic parquet with patterns in the South American style

South American-style art parquet

Production of art flooring

In order to make art parquet, masters use cherry, maple, alder, birch, oak, elm and other species trees. For expensive and more festive parquet can exotic species of trees are used – sapegi, dussia, iroko, Kempas.

Artistic parquet with a diamond pattern

Diamond Artistic Parquet

Parquet can have absolutely any pattern and color. Earlier Palace parquet was made by hand. Now drawing compiled on a computer, and all the details are cut with lasers. This allows you to create any drawing absolutely accurate in plan of composition. Laser technology helps to grind the most openwork ornament, while all the details fit perfectly together among themselves, which provides parquet for many years of service.

Artistic parquet with a beautiful and complex pattern with floral motifs

Art parquet with a beautiful and complex pattern with floral motives

A great game of lines and colors, creating a three-dimensional drawing

Great play of lines and colors creating a three-dimensional pattern

Drawing Technologies

Depending on what technique was applied, distinguish various types of flooring:

  • Markety. It is one of the most popular. All items ornaments go inside the cover and make up the whole. On today this technology is used most often with creating art flooring.
  • Intarsia. Intarsia art parquet drawings differ from the market in that they go inside the coating on a certain depth.
  • Inlay. The most sophisticated, festive and expensive look parquet drawing. Masters in addition to rare species of trees use metal and stones – amber, onyx, jade. This floor just looks royally. Making parquet with inlay requires manufacturer of excellence and precision. The main disadvantage of parquet for the buyer is its high price.
  • Countess. The ancient method of making parquet, which used many centuries ago. To date, not applied because the technology has been lost.
  • The process of laying art flooring

    The process of laying art flooring

    The choice of art flooring should be determined by style the whole interior. You can create a picture for any style. Parquet in Art Nouveau style will feature smooth lines and curved ornaments. Classicism style parquet will have a strict geometric composition.

    An interesting drawing on art flooring - each circle has its own pattern

    An interesting drawing on the art floor – in each circle own pattern

    A complex and amazing pattern made in natural motifs

    Complex and amazing drawing made in natural motives

    Elements of art parquet

    The choice of ornament and pattern for the parquet is quite difficult. There are basic types of flooring that are capable of turn parquet into a real work of art.

    • Border. It performs several important functions at once. is he allows you to divide the space into several functional zones. FROM it can be used to separate the boundaries of different styles of drawings. is he beautifully frames the floor and brings completeness to the whole composition. The border can be either one-color or repeat any of elements of ornament. Most commonly used plant motifs or animal silhouettes. The border can exist separately or in union with the outlet. In any case, it is designed to frame the whole composition and help with the layout of the rooms.

    Ornament, classical for a border

    Classical ornament for border

    • Power socket. The most popular design element for parquet floors. An oval or round rosette is located in the center of the room. The only exception is the case when the outlet becomes key elements of any zone in the room.

    Artistic parquet with a pattern in the form of a socket

    Art parquet with a pattern in the form of a rosette

    The outlet pattern may be symmetrical or not. Real master can create a true masterpiece when working with the design of the outlet. The size and borders of the outlets can be any.

    Rosette art parquet with a complex pattern

    Sophisticated art parquet outlet

    The outlet can be enclosed in a circle or oval or leave borders open. Patterns from its center can spread throughout parquet flooring. In the manufacture of this artistic element use different types of wood – on average, two to ten kinds. Often the socket is inlaid with stones and metal for giving special luxury to the room.

    An interesting rosette in the form of a star, made in the center of the room

    An interesting star-shaped socket in the center the rooms

  • Modules They have the shape of a square, can consist of one or two wood species. The modular parquet has an identical pattern on each the details. Most often, the modules are geometric patterns. IN The result is a holistic picture. Picking up so modular mosaic takes much less time than laying out an ornament from different parts.
  • Модульный художественный паркет с квадратами "в полоску"

    Модульный художественный паркет с квадратами “в полоску”

    Modular art parquet with a geometric pattern, surprisingly reminiscent of a rose

    Modular art parquet with geometric patterns, surprisingly reminiscent of a rose

    Care Rules

    Art flooring is a natural material that has different characteristics depending on the breed used tree. However, all types of tree have common features. Parquet reacts to humidity: at high humidity it can expand in size, and when dry, taper. That’s why in winter during the heating season, parquet elements can be compressed, then small clicks appear between them.

    Art parquet in the corridor with a three-dimensional pattern

    Art parquet in the corridor with a three-dimensional pattern

    An unusual and beautiful combination of colors and lines gives rise to a beautiful pattern

    An unusual and beautiful combination of colors and lines gives rise to a beautiful drawing

    It should be understood that this is not evidence of poor quality. parquet, this is just a sign of its naturalness. Art parquet laminate flooring can behave the same way. So that the floor doesn’t cracks appeared, should be maintained indoors normal humidity level – from 45% to 60%. This will not be beneficial only on the floor, but also on the health of households.

    The combination of modular and curb design of parquet

    The combination of modular and curb design

    If the humidity in the house is high (for example, in new buildings or during repair of heating systems), parquet parts can expand, and their edges to rise. This problem can be resolved regularly. airing.

    An amazing parquet pattern can serve as one of the main decorative elements of the interior

    Amazing parquet pattern can serve as one of the main decorative elements of the interior

    The protective coating of any parquet is varnish. He helps prevent the penetration of moisture, dirt, dust, protects the tree from abrasion. Over the years, the lacquer surface may wear out. To to avoid this, use special protective and decorative coatings for parquet. This will help extend time until the next floor polishing.

    Artistic parquet with a geometric pattern in dark colors

    Artistic parquet with geometric patterns in dark tones

    Bright, contrasting geometric pattern

    Bright, contrasting geometric pattern.

    Fresh flooring must lie down, varnish needs at least 12 hours without drafts, so that it dries out qualitatively. On the new floor furniture should be placed very carefully so as not to scratch fresh coating. The new floor must not be washed with water.

    A neat and relaxed drawing blends perfectly with the interior.

    Neat and calm drawing goes well with the interior

    14 days after laying the floor, you can wipe it soft with a cloth or vacuum. Footprints and other dirt Wipe with a damp cloth. In no case should rub the floor with stiff brushes or abrasive materials. it only scratch the varnish.

    The right lighting accentuates the warm colors of the artistic parquet.

    Proper lighting emphasizes warm colors well. art parquet

    Caring for art flooring should be done with special professional cosmetics, it must be applied a thin even layer with a soft cloth. Parquet flooring should be depending on the load on it.

    Artistic parquet in dark colors in a classic interior

    Artistic parquet in dark colors in classic the interior

    Artistic parquet with a modular pattern in light wood tones

    Artistic parquet with a modular pattern in light wood tones

    In an ordinary apartment, it is enough to wipe the floor with wax once a couple months. In the corridors or offices you can use cosmetics twice per month. Schools, restaurants, shops need cleaning every week.

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