AERO Street Mosquito Killer – Effective and stylish solution for the countryside

Modern landscape design includes various style trends. Among them can be met as bold fashionable solutions, as well as classically conservative trends. It’s hard to imagine a street mosquito killing system, which can harmoniously fit into any landscape design, corresponding to the most refined taste. But similar the system is already there.

AERO street mosquito exterminator

The manufacturers of the AERO system have come true in their product all country residents and vacationers about beautiful, safe and effective mosquito trap model.

AERO is a five-year painstaking work of Russian engineers. The new system is the second generation of street traps for mosquitoes. Creating AERO, experts thoroughly studied the shortcomings all models of the first generation and conducted dozens of tests in different climatic zones under the control of the Institute of Parasitology itropic medicine to them. E.I. Martsinovsky.

The device is silent, completely harmless and safe. The system is convenient, economical in maintenance and is not afraid of water

Aerodynamics are designed and tested by specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky (FSUE “TsAGI”), due to this 10 times increased insect suction power on the way, making a trap several times more effective than previous models.

Engineers sought to produce a high quality product with superior consumer and technical specifications. The system destroys up to 95% of insects in open areas up to 5000 sq. m

Unlike other methods of struggle nasal suckers, which are based on the principle scaring away, the AERO system lures insects on yourself by imitating a living creature. Mosquitoes fly sodium constituents — heat, carbon dioxide and the smell of skin, that come from the system. The device generates heat (30-40 degrees), carbon dioxide (imitation of human respiration) and attractants with the smells of a living being. Powerful fan sucks attracted insects into the trap, after which they fall special trap that does not allow insects get out and die dehydration. System destroys only harmful blood-sucking insects, useful for life she does not affect.

The product is made completely in plastic, with the exception of mobile racks. The housing has direct protection sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), therefore not fade. The system is equipped with an intuitive menu. LED backlit, sealed rubberized buttons on the panel illuminated indicators and dual-zone a timer that saves gas. AERO has three modes work (50%, 100%, 200%), which allows you to choose the optimal volume gas consumption for a certain size of the site.

Each system is tested for about five days for identification of assembly defects, check for leaks, filing gas, control of appearance. AERO trap successfully tested in Russia, India, Korea and Thailand.


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