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Designer Olga Kondratova

Design Dialogs: Changes in Style

Russian interior design is quite young. It is formed only a couple of decades. About the right choice of planning decisions when creating the image of an apartment, choosing a specialist who it is worth entrusting the formation of the interior, says recognized master of the development of unique cozy interiors Olga Kondratova.

– Olga, why did you choose the profession of designer?

– My profession grew out of a hobby. As a little girl, I went to relatives, where they allocated me a small area about stairs on the second floor, aisle. His plus was only a window with a beautiful view of the sunset. I sewed the curtains, separating them a small “place” for a bed and a table, hung a mirror and I realized that any room can be turned into a convenient place for rest and work. You just need to spend a little time, put beautiful armchair, find some old chest of drawers. It happens enough to create a certain cosiness.

I think this is where the desire to create the interior around us went. In the 90s, the profession of designer was rare. That’s why I went after school to law school and after training some time worked as an investigator of the prosecutor’s office. But fast enough left this profession and set up her own small design firm. It was officially created in 2000, although in reality I started to design from the mid 90’s, redesigned standard “Khrushchev”. At the initial stage, friends asked for this.

In one of my first works, I moved the kitchen to a large one, which caused a large number of positive feedback. Later new ones appeared. acquaintances who became the first customers. I decided to design permanently.

– Specialists note the differences in design traditions interiors in Europe and Russia. What are they?

– Yes, in fact, such differences exist, and they are very noticeable. Everything is very “gilded” and “remakeable” at our place. We are trying always do everything new. We do not protect what remains of the past generations, we try to throw out and remake everything clean. Long the time when performing repairs in the apartment the owners carefully got rid of everything old, tried to remove the old stucco molding, changed wooden windows to plastic ones. Only recently appeared trends aimed at preserving the past.

It’s very difficult to convince a customer to restore parquet, save wooden windows and do not throw grandmother’s chest of drawers. IN European apartment, for example in France, we will never see so many new things, there will be a reference to to the past.

In Europe they prefer to restore a chair, a lamp, save the door. Often they even prefer not to give it to restoration, leaving objects as they are. People there have an understanding that the interior is shaped by generations. It could be a 60s chair, table of the XIX century, a picture of the XVI century, successfully combined with a point a lamp with a banner.

We have a different approach in favor. Customers often find diversity unacceptable, trying to choose the same chandelier on the ceiling, identical sconces. We were not taught a subtle understanding of the beautiful. To new the apartment needs to be moved something from the old life. Our attitude to books – it’s just vandalism. Customers prefer to plan shop windows, TV systems, not bookshelves. Books at best sent to the country, and sometimes in the trash.

Even furniture in Russia is placed “face” to the TV. First the question that I hear when the sofa is somehow “not so” – “but how will I watch TV? “. If I propose to completely refuse from the TV, or not to make it an accent in the living room, comes a real cultural shock.

In Europe, furniture is arranged to facilitate communication, reading, relaxing. TV in the European interior becomes simple some kind of “poor relative.” So I really like the approach to shaping the interior in Europe. He has a “rich” school.

– Olga, are there any educational organizations in Russia, where can a designer get a better education?

– In Russia there is only one design school – “Details”. I can’t name more. Over the years, I could appreciate the level of training of many of its employees and understand what exactly this design school provides a good basic training. Teaches there worthy architect – Andrey Sumatokhin. Pupils are given the right basics of planning decisions, the right decorating skills and correct understanding of life.

Russian architects left the school of Ivan Vladislavovich Zholtovsky, the school of the great pre-revolutionary architects. Those who made the center of Moscow, created interesting houses with stucco molding, unusual views, columns, pilasters, portals. it forgot how to do. Today’s architects studied with those who designed model houses. When they come to work for us MARCH graduates, I begin to teach them to refuse standard decisions. It is very difficult.

– Is there a project that you are most proud of?

– Of course, there are several projects that I really love. Projects that were made for people with whom they associate so strong friendships that you create an interior as if for yourself. Topics you no longer argue with when choosing options design, and you are in a state of fascinating communication.

One of these projects was completed not so long ago in the very center Moscow. Customers were visiting us and asked to repeat this same design as at home.

Now, coming to visit, I see that the owners throughout the year didn’t change anything. They didn’t even buy paintings so as not to disturb cleanliness and simplicity, accuracy of lines and layout.

We do not do something fanciful or screaming. I don’t want to do “fun”, I want to do it the way it should, stylishly so tired of after a year.

– How have design trends changed over the past ten years? What is particularly relevant in design today?

– Over the past ten years in interior design have occurred significant changes. We finally abandoned the outboard ceilings, doors with a height of 2.10 m. We came to simplicity: the rejection of curtains with lots of lambrequins, red walls, very black floors, brown doors.

Today, interiors have more lightness, quality furniture, antiques. Awareness of the value of natural materials has come: real oak, marble. The customer began to realize that a “fur store” is not the most important thing when creating design project.

Changes have occurred with us, as with designers. Has grown mastery. We learn as orders grow and accumulate experience.

– What, in your opinion, are the forecasts of fashion trends for coming years?

– The value of the item will increase. Let it be one vase, one curtain, but it will be of the highest quality. I.e, even if you have only boots, but they will be very comfortable. Let y you will have two blouses, but they will be the most wonderful. Similarly with the design. Will pay more attention to planning decisions, this is one of the most important components comfortable apartment.

Today, customers often turn to designers before buying an apartment. We are already looking at the view from the windows, and at the illumination of the apartment, at its redevelopment potential. So make informed and well thought out purchases.

In Russia today there are worthy designers whose projects can look now to study the trends that will be at their peak fashion tomorrow. The more people watch, the more they start to distinguish between good and bad.

Designer requirements are also increasing, which will be higher and higher. higher. For example, the quality of interior rendering should be maximum. Nowhere in the world do they draw so high quality interiors as we draw them.

I hope that people will learn how to make the main and the secondary. This is the main problem: to separate the grain from the chaff.

The main thing is the apartment itself and the canvas created in it. What you You can buy later – sofa, TV, new-fangled audio system – again.

– Olga, what would you recommend to beginners to designers?

– First of all, read books on architecture, pre-revolutionary, until the 50-60s of the twentieth century. It is to read. Today worthy training books on design and architecture do not exist. We have there are only photographic works, and high-quality literature in which all the rules and fundamentals are not yet described. I’ve been writing this for a year a book for young designers, but this work is not one day.

Learn the work of great architects. For example, creations of Le Corbusier, Constructivists. Read books in English and french languages. They have tutorials on building light in architecture, creating a competent layout.

Fashion leaves, new materials appear, but the basics remain unchanged. In our design studio, such books are also sold. we We are looking for them literally in garbage cans. They are often simply thrown away. Great ideas of the past can sprout on the modern soil.

However, before looking for yourself in design-creativity, learn classic design, creating the right classic interiors.

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