6 best engravers (can someone compare with Dremel)


  • 1 Do you need an engraver at all
  • 2 Best Engravers
    • 2.1 Dremel 8220-1 / 5
    • 2.2 Dremel 4300-5 / 40
    • 2.3 Dremel 4000-2 / 30
    • 2.4 Bosch GRO 12V-35
    • 2.5 Milwaukee 2460-21 M12
    • 2.6 Bison ZG-160EK
  • 3 To summarize
  • 4 Buyer’s Guide
    • 4.1 Why you might need a rotary saw
    • 4.2 Key considerations
    • 4.3 Rotary or oscillating saw – what is the difference?

Do you need an engraver at all

Nippers, pliers, drills, hammers— These tools are in everyone. But not one of them has such wide opportunities as engraver. It can be used by both men and women performing both car polishing and engraving wedding rings or performing inscriptions on the legs of glasses. Engraver can sharpen the blades of wire cutters or thin scissors and do the work in places where it’s impossible to approach with a conventional drill

Your wildest fantasies will be realized with the help of this amazing tool.

Being a rotary saw according to the method of execution, the engraver often wears the name “Dremel” from the surname of industrialist Albert J. Dremel and brand of the same name.

To choose the best engraver, you must of course look for something. the ergonomic but specific use of the dremel will be determined by others requirements that are important to you, such as variable speed, the ability to use without wires and much more.

We will look at several engravers in the most popular weight categories (about 500-600) grams and with a wide speed range.

Each of these 6 branded tools has its own characteristics, which make them more attractive to individual preferences of each user.

Tip: If the model number is followed by a pair numbers separated by a slash (e.g. 2/30), this means that The tool contains 2 nozzles and 30 accessories.

The best engravers

Dremel 8220-1 / 5

The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)

No wonder Dremel tops our list because The brand has an excellent reputation among woodworkers, lovers and professionals. And even the brand name itself has already become common noun. Model 8220 with a lithium-ion battery, in our look, not just the best model in the Dremel line, but in general the best rotary tool overall.

It is equipped with high speed (5000–33000 rpm) spindle with good torque. Power is provided lithium battery which is up to full It charges in just one hour.

Being wireless this engraver has a huge advantage, so as it allows you to penetrate hard-to-reach areas without need to stretch the cord and look for an outlet for connectivity.

The basic version includes only 5 nozzles, however, it costs keep in mind that with the Dremel 8220 you can use accessories and nozzles from most major manufacturers.

In addition, the 8220 range has more equipped models: 8220 (8220-2 / 45) and 8220 (8220-5 / 65) having up to 65 nozzles placed in a durable and roomy plastic or metal case.

No matter what you need a rotary saw for, Dremel 8220, of course, is one of the best engravers.

Given the almost twofold difference in cost between the youngest and with the older model, we recommend buying model 8220-1 / 5, which you can equip with the required set of accessories according to to your needs.

A small tip from the owner:

I bet him Great! When repairing a car, I got stuck a bolt. There was no creep in the grinder with a disk of 125 opportunities, failed to drill with a drill – Boshevsky drills died in a heroic attempt to deal with a bolt. Good under sideways is a hardware store where Dremel was bought. Were there and other models, but I’m kind of skeptical about the rest, and wired tools do not suit me at all. The bolt was cut instantly, without any effort. Subsequently, he still repeatedly helped with car repairs.

Shortly before that, I was looking for an oscillator, but included there was no snap, and after I bought a dremel purchase the renovator no longer seems necessary—

Dremel 4300-5 / 40

This worthy representative of tools has the most powerful engine in the Dremel lineup. Cartridge rotation speed changes to the range of 5000-35000 rpm, and electronic feedback allows you to achieve stable operation regardless load. Swing light makes it easier to see details when work in the recesses. A universal cartridge with three cams and collet system makes it possible to use any accessory Dremel quick and easy. The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)

Complete with flexible shaft, milling compasses and kit for cutting it also comes with 40 different accessories that allows you to use it for any task immediately after purchase. Longtime Dremel product owners will immediately notice the increased size and the difference in power compared to the previous model. Important an improvement for many consumers will be the emergence of individual power and speed switches for easy storage preferred settings. And, of course, the fact that with this you can use all the old Dremel accessories with the tool, is the cherry on the cake.

We could put this engraver in first place, but there is a small fly in the ointment. Despite the fact that you can always rely on Dremel quality, this tool is not perfect. Several owners reported engine burnout. Moreover, in the fasteners of the mechanism, plastic ties are used, which wear out faster than metal staples.

Dremel 4000-2 / 30

One of the most popular engravers of all time is a Dremel 4000. It is still great tool, but the new Dremel is still somewhat better. Spindle, as in the previous model has a variable speed which can reach 35,000 rpm. Providing stable power at any speed, this engraver allows cut, polish and grind any materials with the same ease.

The Dremel 4000-2 / 30 set includes a wide range tools and devices capable of processing any materials. All accessories come in hard plastic case so that you can keep the accessories in order when this kit is compact enough to allow easy placement it in a cupboard or under the table for easy storage.

Regarding ergonomics, the only real complaint with Dremel 4000 is that the switch tends to wear out quickly, possibly due to overheating caused by improper use. Keep in mind that the Dremel 4000 is not intended for industrial use. application.

Spindle operation for long periods of time will result in the fact that this engraver is very hot. Despite his “branding”, this saw is intended for short use, for example, easy precision processing, cleaning parts and polishing, as well as other similar tasks. Attempt Using this model under more severe conditions may result in her early breakdown.

Bosch GRO 12V-35

Well, what about competitors?

Featuring a not-so-classic Dremel-shaped Bosch Gro will be no less convenient. It can be safely recommended to owners small hands, and also it can be convenient when working in narrow openings, however, the LED backlight did not seem enough to us comfortable.

The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)Supplied in a convenient ergonomic case, this engraver is completed with two batteries, which allows you to charge one of them while the second is in work. Well, and, of course, Bosch was very pleased claimed compatibility with old 10.8V batteries.

Keeping up with the above competitors Bosch GRO also develops speeds of up to 35,000 per minute and saves good torque at low revs. Overload protection help to keep the engine longer under high loads. Compatible with all Dremel accessories makes it easy expand opportunities and acquire it at a minimum complete set.

Rubber pads are pleasant to the touch, but still do not save from vibration when using low-quality equipment.

And again, a small tip from the owner:

I planned to buy a new Dremel, but since I had old Bosch blue batteries I chose Bosch Gro. Compatibility with old batteries are a huge plus these days, when manufacturers do not think about using old parts and accessories. Now I have a set of two new and two old batteries.

At the same time, the battery life is impressive, as is the power on high revs. With amazing ease, I cut the old 1.5 mm steel tank.

Once, when he jumped out of his hands and flew on his foot, some the safety mechanism engaged and almost instantly stopped engine, making it so fast that there’s not even left on the trousers trace. Of course, it was a rough dense work clothes, but all same.

Milwaukee 2460-21 M12

Unfortunately, the Milwaukee tool is a rare guest in our area, but we could not mention this model.

There are many engravers on the market, but there is one thing that can offer only Milwaukee 2460-21 M12 12-Volt Rotary Tool – this absolute power.

The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)

This small tool weighing less than 600 grams can with Easier to cope with more difficult tasks than others rotary tools thanks to powerful motor and variable speeds (from 5000 to 32000). This 12 volt engine combined with red lithium battery technology Milwaukee guarantees users increased battery life. You can easily perform more complex or difficult tasks that other engravers simply cannot perform.

Users mostly review Milwaukee 2460-21’s enthusiastic colors:

My new Milwaukee arrived from the USA last week and I have finally got a chance to try it out. He gives a lot more torque than the Dremel 8220. I loved it more than Dremel, and it’s really easier for me to do all the same work for which Dremel used to be. The bonus is that everyone Dremel accessories are great for him too.

I have to say that for a long time I didn’t have a tool, with which I would be pleased in everything. But this is just the case.

At the same time, we should note that there were complaints of overheating saws, although perhaps this is the result of a completely reckless use. We would put it if not in the first place, then on par with Dremel 8220, but lack of “normal” capability acquiring it in Russia does not allow this.

Bison ZG-160EK

The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)So same as with Milwaukee, we are not able to purchase in Russian engravers such as DeWalt DW660, Black + Decker RTX-B or WEN 2305, so we decided to take care of the choice among domestic manufacturers. Unfortunately, nothing worthy with a similar weight and we didn’t find the speed adjustment range, but still chose the engraver closest in characteristics.

With a weight of about 800 grams, the Bison ZG-160EK is highly controversial a shape more like a drill. This decision may make it difficult work in narrow openings. In this case, the body is quite narrow and grip quite sure. The speed range is from 15,000 up to 35,000, while today’s competitors offer a range from 5000. When approaching the lower border, revolutions begin noticeably swim, a rumble appears and the vibration intensifies. Reviews users on build quality vary, which indicates unstable quality control. When working over 15 minutes, the engraver Heats up significantly, which forces you to take 5-7 minute breaks.

Taking into account all the described shortcomings, the main competitive The advantage of the Bison is a significantly lower price and you can recommend it rather than as a professional tool, but as a device that may be needed from case to occasion.


Having firmly taken all the prizes on our Dremel list confirmed that it was not for nothing that his name became synonymous with the engraver in Russia. Yes, in the foreign market, they would have fought Hitachi and Kawasaki and S.E., but in Russian realities only Bosch GRO 12V-35 is a real competitor to Dremel.

But even with all foreign competitors, only Milwaukee 2460-21, in our opinion, can really compete with the Dremel 8220.

Buyer’s Guide

The term “dremel” can cover a wide range of manual tools. Generally speaking, there are two categories of this tool.

Hand held are usually small, light tools with small motors. They are suitable for work, which require more control and fine detail, such as engraving, polishing, figure cutting and the like. Cutting tools – these devices have larger motors and better suited for cutting various building materials.

Why you might need a rotary saw

Dremelles have various applications and are used in many home improvement projects. Different brands have their own unique features, but regardless of their differences, they equally effective for cutting, polishing, grinding, processing and wood processing.

  • Cutting Engravers have special nozzles that can use for small cutting tasks such as wood, plastic, fiberglass and pipes.
  • Polishing They are perfect for polishing jewelry items, silverware, coins and more.
  • Grinding For projects that require painstaking tasks, such as roughness removal, rotary fit power tools. Sand a piece of wood or remove rust on the metal section it is possible using the appropriate accessories.
  • Milling A milling cutter can cut grooves and holes in a piece wood, plastic, rubber and even metal.
  • Woodworking Joiners use dremel for wood carving creating sophisticated designer designs.
  • Wood / glass / metal engraving accessories you can use an engraver to create patterns on surfaces of various materials.

Key considerations

Rotary tools are designed to work efficiently in any tasks for home improvement. No matter, whether you are a professional or an amateur, you need to study some of its main functions to make it as useful as possible use this tool. We list some key features worth paying attention to:

  • Application Although rotary tools tend to work equally, there are differences in their application. Heavy duty tools are designed for professional work because they are larger. They are usually heavier and slightly larger, but well suited for complex tasks. Smaller tools are used for woodworking, small parts and handicrafts.
  • Wireless / Wired You can find both wired and wireless devices. Cordless tools are more convenient because that the user does not need to connect them to a power source, but wired tools are usually lighter since they do not have a built-in batteries. Therefore, when it comes to mobility and short application, preference is given to cordless tools, but with in terms of unlimited power consumption and constant Using a wired tool has the advantage.
  • Speed ​​Engravers have different speeds and the wider the range speeds, the more universal the tool becomes. Wherein attention should be paid to the stability of revolutions throughout speed range.
  • Accessories / Accessories Quantity and availability of accessories depends on the manufacturer. Some models are immediately equipped large sets of fixtures and can immediately perform huge range of tasks, others have 3-5 nozzles as standard requires additional investment for the purchase of accessories. Here an important aspect is the interchangeability of devices between other brands.
  • Easy bit change frequent nozzle changes required. Therefore; some models have several spindle locks. Think about the tasks you are going to execute and get a tool that provides an easy change of accessories you need.
  • Ergonomics Check if the tool has a comfortable shape. At vibration may occur during operation, therefore it is important to ensure reliable capture in various positions.
  • Replaceable brushes. Ability to replace engine brushes when worn. extend tool life without capital investment.

Rotary or oscillating saw – what’s the difference?

Check out our review of renovators. Maybe you need an oscillator, not dremel.

Although these two tools seem very similar in their functional, as a rule, they are divided in a professional the world. The 6 best engravers (can anyone compare with Dremel)

Rotary tools use circular motions, making them ideal for precise work and softer materials. Oscillating instruments, in turn, perform reciprocating movements and are more often used in heavy industrial conditions.

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